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Bubba Blubbers over 9/11 Blunders Being Broadcast

Try saying that three times fast :-). Blunders… Hey, we’ve all got’em, but not everyone’s are laid bare for the world to see – and for no-names like me to blog about. And, I suppose, most of ours are not affiliated, directly or indirectly, with nearly 3000 American deaths. But hey, it’s not like we fought tooth and nail to become the Leader of the Free World – Twice – either. Unfortunately, it comes with the territory. Play a sad saxophone song about it.

In no way would I sit here comfortably at my keyboard and arbitrarily decide that the atrocities of 9/11 are the fault of former President Clinton, just as I would not ascribe the responsibility of all that currently ails our world to President Bush. This would be the practice of the shortsighted, inane and/or ignorant. Although, too often, a mob of well-dressed men and women unite and insist on being living, breathing synonyms for these adjectives. And, more often than not, these people have the distinction of having a (D) after their name. Why is that?

Like former President Clinton, I have not seen The Path to 9/11, set to air on ABC Sunday and Monday night. Promoted as a ‘Docudrama’ and admittedly based on a collection of information in addition to the 9/11 Commission Report, ABC Chief, Bob Iger, willingly admits to using dramatic license to tell an important story. While there are those who are confused as to what is being presented because of the seriousness of the subject, the fact remains, ABC has the right to present a docudrama and to embellish the plot where the writers, producers, etc. see fit to provide a coherent story. Ultimately, there are no boldface lies included in this presentation. There is no conspiracy to “rewrite history”. There is no right-wing agenda at work.

No, it wasn’t Madeleine Albright who made that particular phone call, it was someone else. No it wasn’t Sandy Berger who spoke those words, it was another member of the administration. Perhaps you or I would have chosen to do it differently. I can make a safe bet that former President Clinton and his gang would definitely have done it differently, but this becomes somewhat irrelevant when we remember that you, Clinton, Clintonistas and I are not in the TV Biz. And this brings me to another farcical thought: when was the last time anyone in the TV Biz, or Hollywood in general, even conceived of producing something unflattering toward a Clinton – or a Democrat, for that matter? Is this Twilight Zone material, or what?

From what I’ve read and heard reported (from both ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ sources), President Bush is bashed in the film as well (as are members of his administration). When one stops to remember the horror of September 11th, one realizes there is plenty of blame to go around for everyone. Yet, I don’t hear any moaning and complaining coming from the White House. And I don’t remember hearing this type of belly-aching recently when director, Gabriel Range’s film, Death of a President made a splash at the Toronto Film Festival for its controversial and realistic portrayal of President Bush’s assassination. THIS upsets none of the (D)-set, apparently? It’s only their stories that should be left pure and blameless? Their causes that should be censored if necessary?

This is what burns me the most, what always burns me the most. That double standard that keeps rearing its ugly head. At least be consistent – THAT I can respect a little. But the fluidity of morals? How can anyone find honor in that?

ABC is attempting to present a drama based on a collection of facts to illustrate an important lesson for us all. Period. Five years of relative safety, of no attacks on our homeland, have provided most of us with an overwhelming feeling of complacency. To me, this is one of our biggest enemies. I applaud anyone who tries to scare us back to a state of mind that is closer to how we felt in 2001, when we weren’t petty about legislation that would protect us and political about words that would make us unpopular abroad. Many people work hard in the face of constant criticism, ridicule and armchair decision making by popularity-seekers to preserve our safety and do what they think is right. Like the crazies who believe in 9/11 conspiracy theories, most detractors would have to believe that those in charge wake up each day planning how to best destroy our way of life to spew the rhetoric they do each day.

To quote Clinton, “I don’t want lies parading as truth.” Well, Mr. Clinton, I hate to rain on your parade, but you’ve invested your entire life in a business known as politics, and with you as the drum major, I would imagine your confusion stems from your definition of the word truth, or sex… or “is”.


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