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Jon Stewart, A Compliant Clown of Ignorance for the Left

I had planned to write something more important today, a piece with the words “Geneva Convention” included in the text and everything. And then, a good friend of mine, someone I respect and admire, shared a seemingly harmless humorous email with me. It was meant to make me laugh, like all the other funny emails he sends me, but maybe it just hit me the wrong way. Or maybe it was the wrong day. Or maybe it’s because it was the subject matter… it just REALLY got under my skin because it just wasn’t funny to me.

Now, I’m not a stick-in-the-mud, I can laugh at satire as loud as the next guy. But there comes a point when satire becomes spin, and spin becomes propaganda thinly disguised as comedy. Jon Stewart is funny, I’ll give him that. He has chosen to use his gift to offend, and that is his choice, the right of everyone in this country. What is unfortunate is this country is full of sheep… a flock of mindless followers who need only be entertained to mimic anyone’s point of view. Make me laugh and I’ll follow you anywhere.

And how did Mr. Stewart choose to render his craft in the clip I was sent today? He felt obliged to explain what he calls the “Cavuto Mark”, belonging to Neil Cavuto of Fox News. It is merely a question mark used at the end of some upcoming segment titles, and Stewart illustrated his point with the following isolated examples: “Have the Democrats Forgotten the Lessons of 9/11?” “Is the Liberal Media Helping to Fuel Terror?” or “The Best President?”

What was conveniently left out is how the format of Neil Cavuto’s show justifies a question being asked; how, when a question is posed, there is a panel of both Democrats and Republicans present to answer that question. What was omitted was what the answer to those questions was. But then, how funny is that?

This morning, I watched Neil Cavuto on his weekend show, Cavuto on Business. In spite of Stewart’s claims, of the three subjects being covered, only one was advertised as a question (one was even listed with an exclamation point, Jon… and it wasn’t about Yanni!): “Lower Gas Prices: Give Oil Companies Bigger Tax Breaks?” Neil had a panel of six guests of mixed political backgrounds, and of the six, only two felt the oil companies should get a bigger tax break. So there goes Stewart’s theory that Cavuto frames his statement in the form of a question just to elicit the answer he wishes to receive. Plus, Cavuto, himself, was not in favor of the idea. In addition to the conversation concerning the subject at hand, there were jabs back and forth between the guests that gave the viewer an idea about who represented which party. I remember hearing something to the effect, “well, you’re just a mouthpiece for the Republicans, I would expect you to say that.” (It almost sounded “Fair and Balanced”, but I hesitate to go that far… :-/ )

Does any of this support Jon Stewart’s claim that Cavuto is a shoddy reporter, inventing a style of journalism with a punctuation mark to promote his conservative agenda as part of an entire network’s plan to further only the Republican party’s views? Wait, that’s only a rhetorical question because it is too absurd to actually answer.

Now might be a good time to visit the site I viewed that got me so riled up: “jon_stewart_explains_the_cavuto_mark”   

I can’t repeat, even in writing, what Stewart says at the end of the clip. Suffice to say, it is offensive, yet funny to the 68 people who left comments. Those comments are pretty much what one would expect from a Stewart cult following, yet I was still surprised by the level of vitriol, and the personal attacks on Neil Cavuto’s appearance – and his mother. Thankfully, my good and decent friend is not one of those followers, or sheep. He makes me laugh AND think. How else could he be a person I respect or admire? :-)

Cavuto has never been my favorite broadcaster or a personal hero of mine. I catch his weekday show only very rarely (for one reason, because it conflicts with one of my daughter’s Nickelodeon shows :-)), but I just have this pet peeve about injustice. Stewart called him out and I happened to catch wind of it. Because it just doesn’t sit well with me, I investigated his background a little, and you know what I found out?

Before joining Fox News, he hosted more than three hours of live daily programming at CNBC, including the network’s highest rated program, Market Wrap. He had also been a contributor to NBC’s Today Show as well as NBC News at Sunrise. Cavuto’s 20 years of financial reporting included time at PBS’ Nightly Business Report, where he served as a New York bureau chief. These networks are not known for being conservative in anyone’s book. Also according to his bio, he was cited as “CNBC’s toughest inquisitor,” and was ranked among the most influential business journalists in America by The Journalist and Financial Reporter. The Wall Street Journal recognized him as the best interviewer in business news. Additionally, he was nominated for 5 ACE awards and voted the best business TV interviewer for four years running.

I’m laughing so hard after reading all of that, I can hardly get up off the floor… :-/

The point I’m trying to make here is how easy it is to take a man with the record I’ve just provided, shake it up with some half-truths, show some well-chosen out-of-context statements (or ‘questions’, as the case may be), put your own slant on the topic, and voila… you’ve got a totally different animal. This time it was only done to a journalist, but our satirists do it to our politicians all the time, and we laugh, then we vote, then we live with the results.

For a time is coming when people will no longer listen to right teaching. They will follow their own desires and will look for teachers who will tell them whatever they want to hear.”

2 Timothy 4:3


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26 thoughts on “Jon Stewart, A Compliant Clown of Ignorance for the Left

  1. Jon Stewart Explains the ‘Cavuto Mark’

    Only the Dismaliberals think Jon Stewart is funny.

  2. clueless on said:

    For the record, I’m not a “dismaliberal,” and I find Jon Stewart pretty hysterical. He doesn’t skewer according to “right” or “left” and never has. Any twit on any end of the socio/political/religious spectrum is fair game. If the SuperCons feel more threatened than anyone else, maybe they should take a harder look at who’s representing them.

    I’ll tell you what I find offensive–the fact that this piece is so sensitized to yet another of Fox News’ many odious, condescending blowhards (all of whom are more than happy to remind you of their “fabulous” journalistic records; just look at the number of times Bill O’ Reilly has invented awards for himself), and yet starts out by suggesting “Daily Show” viewers are “sheep… a flock of mindless followers who need only be entertained to mimic anyone’s point of view.” So, how exactly have you risen above this fray, pray tell?

    As far as the examples TDS cited—”Have the Democrats Forgotten the Lessons of 9/11?” “Is the Liberal Media Helping to Fuel Terror?”—I think the point was that those are *extremely* loaded questions to begin with, not “fair and balanced.” If every question raised was on the nonpartisan level of “Lower Gas Prices: Give Oil Companies Bigger Tax Breaks?” there wouldn’t be much to satirize.

  3. Clueless-
    Thanks for your point of view, all comments are welcome and contemplated. But, tell me this: can you provide a similar example of Jon Stewart using satire to get a laugh at the Left’s expense? My “liberal friends” seem to like him even more for his satirical bias.

    – Debi

  4. clueless on said:

    Thanks for your openmindedness. :-)

    I’ll give you two examples of what I’m talking about when I say I think Stewart & Co. are pretty fair-minded, as satirists go.

    Last week, during all the U.N. hoopla, the Daily Show went after Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez for his whole “Bush is the Devil” rant. Granted, Chavez is not an American Leftist, but he’s clearly a leftist leader. And this was not the first time Stewart tagged him for his crazymaking–but JS even went so far on this occasion as to criticize liberal celebs who were friendly to Hugo (I.e., actor Danny Glover, who hugged him on the U.N. floor). And he suggested Cyndy Sheehan, who also greeted Chavez warmly, thus compromised her credibility.

    I’ve seen some liberals bloggers on the Net–those who are more extreme, I mean–post that they’re not at all happy with Stewart for this.

    On the other hand, Stewart has never been someone who dismisses conservatives in a knee-jerk way. For example, he’s always been very respectful and supportive of John McCain–for which he’s been dissed by the right and left alike. Nevertheless, McCain is a Republican, is he not? (And please, anyone who’s reading, I don’t want to get into a discussion of “how” Republican he is–I’m just mentioning this to dispute the notion that Stewart always tows the perfectly liberal line.)

    Anyway, there are other examples of what I’m talking about (on both sides), but I’d have to dig. And seeing as I’m at work (my home computer is down) and procrastinating on a work task, that’s enough for now.


  5. clueless on said:


    I meant Stewart suggested Cyndy Sheehan *had* compromised her credibility, not “thus” (blah blah blah). Sorry for the non sequitur. ;-)

  6. Pat –

    Not trying to further detain you from your work projects (or escape my own), but the idea that Jon Stewart does not lean left (very left) and use his show as a platform to promote his liberal bias in the form of satire, is one that is hard for me to accept.

    I’m not sure I would have chosen Hugo Chavez to cite as an example; this man is beyond Leftist, he is a caricature for evil. Even Nancy Pelosi and Charlie Rangel stood up for the President after Chavez disgraced the U.N. But taking a shot at Cindy Sheehan shows a good attempt at impartiality :-)

    Wikipedia describes Jon Stewart as “an outspoken critic of established media in general, including -but not limited to- the Bush White House, Bill O’Reilly and cable news.” You’ll notice they don’t mention any liberals among those of whom he is an outspoken critic. And, in addressing JS’s relationship with John McCain, they go on to say:
    U.S. Senator John McCain is one of the potential candidates for President of the United States in the 2008 Election and a long-time friend of The Daily Show and Jon Stewart. John McCain, a Republican, had previously denounced Jerry Falwell and other aggressive Evangelicals as “agents of intolerance” but agreed to be the graduation speaker at Liberty University, the Lynchburg, VA, institution that Falwell founded in 1971.
    On April 4, 2006, Stewart confronted McCain about his decision to appear at Falwell’s university. In the interchange, Stewart asked McCain “You’re not freaking out on us? Are you freaking out on us? Because if you’re freaking out and you’re going into the crazy base world – are you going into crazy base world?” McCain replied “I’m afraid so.”

    The fact that Senator McCain has to reply to this question in such a fashion, like a child who has done something wrong, tends to lead the viewer to believe just that. Unless, of course, going into crazy base world is a good thing.

    Again, I can’t lie –Stewart is a funny man. Most of the time, he makes me laugh. But in this case, picking on Cavuto without including all the facts wasn’t fair. Many networks open segments with questions that sound loaded to draw in viewers. To be “fair and balanced”, a segment will allow discussion from both sides afterwards, which is what he does. It’s not funny to vilify someone who is honestly doing their job so JS can better do his job.

    I hope I’ve kept our “segment” on a friendly enough tone by allowing discussion from both sides… :-) Thanks again for your comments.

    – Debi

  7. clueless on said:


    I kinda think you’ve missed my points here, but whatever. The fact that Stewart does respect McCain after he went to Lynchburg to me, illustrates Stewart’s open-mindedness. Because McCain definitely lost my respect at that point. I do think he did something wrong. It’s called, playing both ends against the middle to try to win constituents, even though McCain knows in his heart that Falwell is as batshit insane as Chavez.

    Just wanted to note that The Daily Show had Pat Buchanan on last night, and while it’s obvious that Stewart doesn’t agree with him on every point, Buchanan was given ample and fair latitude to share his views. The same has been true of everyone from Ric Santorum to Bill Bennett. Stewart may not share their outlook, but at least he gives them a forum (and again, in Santorum’s case, most liberals felt he was too easy on the guy).

    It’s interesting that you say that you “hope” you were “nice” enough to me (“but now, go away, please . . .. “) This is the problem with most of the bloggers I see on the Net, both left and right—they want the other side to be more “fair and balanced,” but they want their side to be seen as “right.” (It’s also why I don’t comment very much.)

    That’s one of the problems with the news media, too. As I said earlier, it’s very condescending. The world is extremely gray right now. If conservatism works for you, GREAT. But the fact that I don’t define myself that way doesn’t mean I don’t “get it.”

    And BTW, satire is rarely “fair and balanced.” It’s not meant to be. If you think it is, you haven’t read much Twain or Swift.

    My best.

  8. Pat,

    Sorry if I missed the points you were making, but I feel I could say the same for you. Although, you did help to make one of my points for me by indicating that satire is not fair and balanced. Combined with my previous cite from Wikipedia of Jon Stewart’s preference to critique Bush and O’Reilly (among others), this backs up my claim that he leans left, no?

    What I found interesting is that you misquoted me; what I actually said was “I hope I’ve kept our “segment” on a friendly enough tone by allowing discussion from both sides…” Then I thanked you for your comments. I didn’t intend for that to be your signal to leave, but apologize if you took it as such. Maybe I should have said, “…for your comments so far.” It’s interesting to me because I think miscommunication can be blamed for so much of what goes wrong in politics. We can assume it is unintentional, as in this case, but can’t always be that generous when it comes to politics.

    And that brings me back to Jon Stewart. I believe he “miscommunicated” a point about Neil Cavuto, about Fox – intentionally – in an effort to perpetuate the idea that Cavuto and the network are just doing Bush’s and the Republicans’ bidding, instead of making a true journalistic attempt at presenting the news. This was also done to Chris Wallace 2 days ago by former President Clinton on Fox News Sunday, yet not nearly as funny.

    I don’t blame you for your reluctance to visit and leave comments at some blogs. I find it difficult when I get in a “discussion” with someone who sees things totally different than I do. It’s the nature of the beast. We’re not all meant to agree.

    Thank you for your visit, for leaving comments here… and please come back often… :-)

    – Debi

    P.S. Enjoyed your article on Sam Waterston (others, too, but I especially like Sam)

  9. Can you prove one example of a loaded question mark that favors Democrats? Your example of Tax Breaks is a really poor one since it’s hardly a directly partisan issue. If you’re going to make the claim that Cavuto is a fair minded journalist let’s see some examples of him using similiarly loaded questions against Republicans.

    The fact (I’m betting) that you can’t makes this pretty open and shut in my opinion.

  10. Hi, Lilo…

    As I mentioned in my post, I don’t get the chance to catch Cavuto very often (and since I don’t have the resources to invest in the stock market, it is not an imperative for me to switch off my daughter’s Nickelodeon program :-)… but after reading your comment yesterday, I made the effort to sneak into my bedroom and watch some of his broadcast to see if I could “research” an answer for you.

    The first question I encountered concerned the new border fence and was part of an interview with John Ashcroft who supports the fence: “Will the fence keep terrorists out?” Not too much later, Cavuto posed this question: “Does America need to be more ruthless in Iraq?”

    Granted, I only have one viewing from which to draw my response (and not even an entire viewing), but I feel these questions are more pro-dem than pro-republican, do you? Plus, my point in posting about Jon Stewart is somewhat broader.

    Anyone who watches him cannot escape the fact that he takes clips out of context to suit his purposes. A couple of weeks ago, I was watching his show with my 17-year-old son (a know-it-all, bent on disagreeing with his mother). Stewart spent an inordinate amount of time using clips of President Bush to fill in questions he (Stewart) posed in order to make Bush look, shall we say, stupid. Even my young son was able to see past the audience’s screams of adulating agreement and say to me, “that’s not right”. (A moment I’d like to preserve in history :-)

    The scary part of all this is how these impressionable audience members have their opinions swayed by a satirist with an agenda, then go out and vote… and then we ALL have to live with the consequences. While Jon Stewart may be a funny man, there really isn’t anything funny about any of that.

    Thanks for stopping by, Lilo, and for caring enough about the subject to leave a comment/ask a question.


  11. Well it seems like you’re really changing the discussion now. I’m not sure which segment of Stewart’s you are referring to now if you could point me to a you tube clip or give me the headline I’d watch it. You were listing the awards Cavuto has won and saying that Stewarts attack was more or less a smear. However, Stewart’s assessment of Cavuto political bias was correct. Those questions listed in the segment were not made up or doctored. These are shamelessly bias questions and there are no counter questions from a Liberal perspective. They don’t represent the majority of his questions, but they are still there and no have no counter balance. I think it’s a stretch beyond plausibility to asking about the viability of a border fence or if we need to be more ruthless in Iraq (how in the world is this a Liberal question?) somehow counters questions of Dems forgetting 9/11 or the media helping the terrorists. If you don’t like the language of Stewart’s jokes that’s understandable (don’t come within a county mile of his book then), but his calling out Cavuto on his bias is correct. I think if you look at it objectively you would have to concede that Stewart is a lot more equal opportunity in his derision than virtually any prominent political personality Cavuto included.

    Does Stewart make fun of the Conservative side of the fence more often? Sure, but honestly with Conservatives currently holding a vast majority of power it seems inevitable. Is Stewart himself liberal leaning? Judging by his interviews I would say so (though I find his wit and humor so enjoyable that I‘m certainly inclined to draft him by proxy). However, he’s certainly not towing the Liberal party line. Which agenda is he pushing? It’s not like he comes out for bills or candidates. The closest I’ve seen him to gushing over a candidate is John McCain who he positively adores.

    What cannot be denied is that Stewart regularly attacks the Left as well. Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Pelosi, Murtha, Lamont, Dean, and countless other prominent Democrats have been ridiculed at some point. He constantly lambastes the Democratic party as a whole. If you see the infamous Crossfire fight it’s abundantly clear that he loathes partisan hacks from both parties. This is all easily accessible on you tube. See what he does to their sound bites for comedic effect. He refers to Lamont’s commercials as having a “Jamestown vibe“ and edited the clip to say that Lamont wanted his followers to drink poisoned Kool-Aid. Haven’t you seen what they did to Illinois Democratic Governor Blagovitch? “Are you the gay Governor?”

    If you want to talk about awards that Cavuto has won, you should see some of the hardware Stewart has. If Stewart was really just a clown for the Left would he be getting praised by O’Reilly and Ann Coulter (!!!)?

    Let me just say though that you seem like a genuinely nice person and very articulate no less–skills that are sorely lacking in the blog atmosphere–and I enjoyed your response. I am impressed you actually took the time to research an answer, but please don’t interrupt Nickeloden time for your daughter. ;)


  12. Hi, Chris…

    Thanks for coming back to continue the conversation (and making my “research” worthwhile” :-). I didn’t think I was changing the discussion when I mentioned watching Stewart’s show with my son a couple of weeks ago (October 5th – “What Exactly is President Bush’s Job?”). The point I was trying to make was how obvious it was even to him – a know-it-all teenager who lives and breathes to disagree with me – that Stewart was being totally unfair to the President. Just as with Cavuto, he used carefully chosen clips, taken out of context and strewn together, to make Bush look bad and himself look good.

    I agree with you, the examples Stewart used of Cavuto’s questions were not made up or doctored, but without the context of the discussion that followed, it is impossible to get a fair assessment of the value of the show or of Cavuto as a journalist. Even though my examples from his Saturday show were pretty lame (due to time restraints), I felt they at least served to show that the table of guests are varied and represent differing opinions (and, as I mentioned, Cavuto himself ended up disagreeing with the premise of one of the questions).

    Oddly, I have actually watched Stewart more than Cavuto – but I cannot be confused with being a “fan”. Again, I see him as a funny and talented guy… just in small doses… :-/ Perhaps it is my conservative bias that helps to frame my opinion, but I continue to witness a nastiness to his humor that just doesn’t make me laugh as much as everyone else… especially when directed at people and issues that are important to me. I would suggest that those whose bias leans the other way are not as sensitive to Stewart’s schemes. (But I do know liberals who are aware of Stewart’s agenda.)

    I haven’t watched The Daily Show enough to know the references you state, but I certainly believe you. Although, I would ask that you try to gauge the intensity of slander he fires at Dems vs. Republicans… if you feel so inclined… :-) I did know about Stewart’s ‘affection’ for McCain, but I also know that he gives McCain a hard time whenever he behaves too “Republican”… am I right? :-)

    Bottom line, Chris? I felt compelled to post that day when I saw the clip picking on Cavuto who seems like a decent guy with a decent enough show and a stellar background. I became outraged when I read the comments from Stewart fans where they attacked Cavuto personally – his appearance, his mother, etc. This is funny? I have yet to watch an episode of The Daily Show where Stewart does not become intoxicated with his own offensive humor directed at something that I hold dear, and work the audience into a frenzy in the process.

    But I do not feel compelled to change you or your mind. It’s ok if we [respectfully] disagree… it keeps life interesting… ;-)

    ~ Debi

    P.S. Thank you for your complimentary words… much appreciated :-) And don’t worry, my daughter gets plenty of Nickelodeon… it’s ok if Mom changes the channel once in a while (before Spongebob makes his way into my blog :-).

  13. I just want to make my point on Cavuto as clear as possible because I don’t think I’ve conveyed it sufficiently. I am not say that every or even most of the questions Cavuto asks are political spin. He’s not someone like Limbaugh whose job it is to provide solely partisan viewpoints. However, some of the questions he is asking have an irrefutable bias just in their very construction. An example that Stewart did not even mention being “Attacking capitalism: Have Dems declared war on America?”. Do you honestly feel this is an unbiased question? For the record this question was put solely to Ben Stein. What answer do you think he came up with?

    Stewart’s point was that Fox News can ask these questions which put any debate at a major handicap ( i.e. if you have to start off your response by stating your party is not declaring war on America or has not forgotten about 9/11) while still making claims to being neutral since they are not making an affirmative. Stewart’s own loaded questions, graphic as they were, demonstrated just how fallacious this reasoning is.

    If a newspaper ran the headline “Attacking civil liberties: Have Republicans declared war on America?” would or would not this be a clear example of severe partisanship? If a newspaper ran that as a blog title and then claimed it was opening things up for non-biased debate under that heading what would you think? If it had two panelists from both sides of the fence to debate this point and only mediated would that be non biased? Of course this is assuming the question has someone on the opposite to answer in the negative, which as I mentioned is not a given with Cavuto.

    You mentioned Stewart’s question to Sen. McCain about speaking at Falwell’s college showed a bias against the “crazy base world” even though he asked it in the form of a question and left it open for McCain to respond. Isn’t this exactly the same principle as what Cavuto’s questions in the Stewart clip is doing? Except that with Stewart at least he occasionally does the same to the Left.

    So shifting back to Stewart, I was not suggesting you were strategically changing the context of our talk, I apologize if that is what I came across as saying. My point was that I didn’t think we were going to talk about the context of The Daily Show as a whole. I don’t mind talk about that, just surprised me a bit ;p

    I should probably start off by saying that my comments up to now where based on two themes that I believed you were bringing into contention though I‘m not sure if they are accurate so I will list them as directly as I can:

    1) John Stewart is completely partisan.
    The title of the blog was “John Stewart, A Compliant Clown of Ignorance for the Left” and you asked Clueless if he could provide a single example of Stewart ridiculing those on the Left. For the record I agree his example of Chavez was terrible, but do you disagree with me that going after every big name in the Democratic Party proves that while Stewart may have a bias, he is not an uncritical tool of the left? Can you think of any prominent political figures who regularly go after both parties more often than Stewart?

    2) Neil Cavuto is an unbiased reporter.
    I don’t want to rehash what I already said, but could we just put Stewart and Cavuto side by side for comparison? Stewart likes putting the speeches of politicians into tiny sound bites and ridiculing them. While he does not do this equally for both sides, he at least does it. Even political pundits like O’Reilly and Ann Coulter have admitted as much. I’m sorry but the fact that Ann Coulter has complimented Stewart still amazes me :). However, the loaded political questions that Cavuto asks (though not representing the majority of his questions) are always framed to attack Democrats or promote Republicans. Would you disagree with my statement that Cavuto has a clear political bias or do you maintain that Cavuto is neutral?

    To answer your question, yes I would agree that Stewart is more intense in attacking the right than left, though I wouldn’t call either case slander. Do you really think he’s going that far? I concede though that Stewart has a progressive bias, particularly on issues of personal rights. Though I honestly don’t see this manifested into an agenda. How do your liberal friends see this played out?

    I get the feeling that the ridiculous comments posted in response to Stewart’s clip fueled a lot of your response. I agree that an overwhelming majority of the responses to Daily Show clips are embarrassingly vicious and ignorant, but I think that’s the sad state of the day when it comes to politics and it’s inevitable from both sides. If you look at posts from Conservative pundits like Limbaugh, Hannity, and Coulter you will find the same kind of vitriol. However, Stewart regularly interviews Conservative figures in a respectful and dignified manner. He might disagree with what they say and challenge them more than a Liberal talker, but he always gives them plenty of airtime without resorting to personal ridicule or talking over them and they are always given an applause by the audience. Can you say the same about the above mentioned figures for the right?

    I would absolutely love to see a moderate-Conservative equivalent to John Stewart because I think in these bitter political times we more than ever need satire, parody, and a good laugh to remind us we are all in the same country. Maybe Patrick Star can have a spin off show ;)

  14. “If you look at posts from Conservative pundits like Limbaugh, Hannity, and Coulter you will find the same type of vitriol *from their conservative listers*

    That’s what I meant to say, Freudian slip perhaps ;p

  15. Chris,

    I am detecting a change in tone, a frustration with me, even, with your latest installment to our conversation – an indication that, perhaps, our discussion has deteriorated to those found on other – less friendly – blogs. I hope I am wrong. While I was content to concede that our respective biases helped to formulate our views about the subject and surrender my insistence to change your mind, it would seem the matter is of more importance to you.

    Honestly, I do not have the time or the wherewithal to study each and every question posed by Cavuto, and without the benefit of the witch-hunting staff from the Daily Show payroll, I’m sure I would fail miserably. Yet I believe I have two items that may help illustrate my point:

    1. The example of “What exactly is Bush’s Job?” is classic Stewart and shows exactly how he uses his craft to verbally annihilate someone he disagrees with using his brand of humor, e.g. “Cavuto”. Yes, the examples are always true – and always out of context.
    2. Your own assertion that “not even most of the questions Cavuto asks are political spin”.

    I think what amazes me most about this whole topic is the fact that the alternative to questions like Cavuto’s – the ones that benefit Democrats – are rampant among the rest of the media, i.e., Katie Couric, Charles Gibson, Chris Matthews, Matt Lauer, David Gregory… and Keith Olbermann, possibly the worst offender (quick give me a mint). Yet this outrages few, and earned no YouTube clips from Stewart. Hmm… Why is that? The left is so accustomed to being spoon-fed their news from a media that agrees with them that when a network presents it in a more “fair and balanced” approach, it instantly becomes… “unfair”. It is astounding.

    But you can’t argue with numbers or with money. Fox is beating everyone in the ratings, which – to me – would suggest there has been a void in the media that has finally been filled. My guess is that bias is once again responsible for obscuring that fact from some. So be it.

    Your points are well taken, Chris. I do actually realize what you are saying. I guess I could summarize what I am saying with this: I have been bombarded with these types of loaded questions posed by a liberal media for so long, that Cavuto’s occasional framing of questions to the disdain of Democrats does not seem like the 8th deadly sin to me. Rather, it seems like par for the course. Only in the minds of those who are accustomed to getting away with it against conservatives unaccountably for so long, and only now have to deal with “turnabout being fair play” by a respected medium, does it seem like a foul – and they’ve decided it’s time to play dirty. And John Stewart can play dirty with the best of them.

    It may not seem like I’ve enjoyed our exchange, but I have… :-) And if you have more to add, certainly, feel free… on this, or anything else I’ve written.

    Glad to have you as a visitor,


  16. You couldn’t be more mistaken Debi. I haven’t gotten the least bit irritated with our conversation, in fact I have found it incredibly refreshing that people can be civil and respectful for the entirety of a topic. I was honestly just trying to focus my points since I thought they were a bit scattered. I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree. Nothing wrong with that :)

    I’ll see about haunting other topics and glad to have an opposing viewpoint genuinely welcomed,


  17. Chris,

    As a conservative who happens to be in love with a liberal, I have had much practice with “agreeing to disagree”, as well as toning down my rhetoric and trying to learn the finer points of civility… One catches more flies with honey, eh? :-) Plus, I will never discover anything about the way other people think if I don’t shut up long enough to listen… ;-)

    Glad to know you were not irritated – and, by the way, your “Freudian slip” was understood in its original context… :-)

    Best regards,


  18. have anyone ever noticed how the democratic experts on FOX news are most often never really experts. check the backgrounds of those people, most are secretaries for, or second or third assistant to well known democrats. in other words, most of the democrats on the show are not strong in debate. if john kerry went on a show like the FACTOR i assure you o’reilly would not bad mouth him whatsoever.

  19. Hey, Jose… Thanks for coming by and sharing your opinion. I appreciate hearing from someone who disagrees with me, always giving attention to what is being said and looking for any merit.

    I can’t say I agree with your “non-experts” comment, except to the degree where it applies to the likes of those like John Kerry. I would imagine that people like that would not appear on a show such as The Factor because, as you know, Bill O’Reilly does not allow any spin. John Kerry, and some like him, wouldn’t make any sense if they couldn’t spin what comes out of their mouths and would get caught in numerous lies if confronted with the hardball interviewing style of Bill O’Reilly.

    As for the ‘youtube’ clip you so generously shared with me, I found it both humorous and sad that the person who uploaded the clip touted it as “Bill O’Reilly Gets his A** Kicked by Phil Donohue”. Was he watching the same clip I was?? Or maybe you sent it to me to show that FOX only interviews people from the very bottom of the barrel :-/. Donohue is a has-been… he hasn’t been on television since Oprah knocked his ratings so low they could no longer be registered. No one even knows where he is, what he does or what he thinks anymore… and no one really cares. He can be rude to Bill O’Reilly, calling him “Billy” and disrespecting the military service of his family member, but that doesn’t give any credibility to his redical left-wing agenda or his support fo Cindy Sheehan. Again… quite sad.

    But thank you for taking the time to post a comment. A lot of people just stop by and read, but say nothing. I appreciate you going a step further.



  20. bubeye on said:

    are u an idiot?

    see question mark. i am not SAYING YOU are AN IDIOT. i am just ASKING the question.

    jon stewart is a genious and youre not. and Fox news is shit.

  21. Hmm… “Am I an idiot?”
    I will give an appropriate amount of thought to that question before answering, bubeye.
    Answer: No.

    For the record, I’ve never claimed to be a genius, and am betting you never have, either (based on your spelling, punctuation and lack of capitalization, for starters). Jon Stewart may very well be a genius, but then, so was Hitler.

    I’ll thank you not to use profanity on my blog if you want to come back and comment some more. I’m sure if you tax your brain long and hard enough, you can think of an actual adjective worthy of slandering Fox News.


    P.S. Are you a sheep? (Note the question mark ;-)

  22. Are you sure? Because maybe you just need it to be repeated a million times like on your favorite news channel before you can answer that question. Are you an idiot? Because it seems to me, you’d have to be, for defending something so indefensible. The tactics of Fox News and others in manufacturing outrage and disseminating false information are been extremely well documented. Poking fun at how wing nuts convince sheeple like you that questions like that have any journalistic integrity seems like a noble cause to me.

    Sorry I’m writing this a year later, but thats the best part of the internet, right? You’re stupid posts are up long enough for you to be proven wrong. I’m not going to check your blog but I’m sure theres a post about how the war was going great.

  23. Better late than never, I always say, Jon. Thanks for sharing your opinion, although, you might want to double-check that “documentation” you mentioned. There’s a study by Tim Groseclose, a UCLA political scientist, that you might find interesting… but then again, you might not.

    Keep those eyes and ears open, friend :-)


    P.S. Most people don’t consider me an idiot. My kids, maybe. Sometimes… :-/

  24. awjeah on said:

    I do enjoy The Daily Show. What is insufferable to me is that Jon is utterly and constitutionally incapable of allowing those, whom he is interviewing, to respond without interrupting them. It is unprofessional and rude.
    Take notice; he consistently interjects seemingly to insert his own perceptions of truth into the words of his guests.

  25. Yes, Jon Stewart does interrupt and it is quite rude. It must have something to do with being on TV, bein the host of your own show or just thinking you know everything – I noticed Bill O’Reilly does the same thing (and it drives me crazy!)

  26. I want to to thank you for this great read!! I certainly
    loved every little bit of it. I have got you saved as a favorite to check out new stuff you post…

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