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It’s Only Funny Until We Vote


Why do so many people think they’ve got this election figured out?  I’m so tired of hearing pollsters quote their findings: “29% of people say this,” “58% of people say that,” “it doesn’t look good for Republicans.”  (What people?)  To listen to the bevy of clairvoyant pundits who shoot their mouths off every opportunity they are graciously given by our ever-accommodating media, one would think they are reading from their own “wish books”, not offering impartial analyses as the professionals they claim to be. 

They call it “news”, and it certainly is news to me.  As someone who falls into the category of “Values Voter” and is a Christian Conservative, I have learned that “I am so turned off by the Foley – and other – scandals that I will probably just stay home and not vote in November”.  Reeeeally?  Well, have I got news for them: The terms “Values Voter” (or whatever else you want to call it) and Conservative Christian does not mean that I am STUPID. 

I cannot speak for all Conservative Christians, for Evangelicals, or for the “Far Right”, but I can tell you what the people I know think and what makes sense to us.  Mark Foley obviously did something wrong and is now in the process of paying the consequences.   He is not being punished for being gay, nor should he be.  He is NOT the entire Republican Party, or a symbol of it.  We have local elections all around the country of major importance where Mark Foley is not running (Duh :-/ ). 

The division of Congress hangs in the balance and this cannot be taken lightly. Not voting would be the same as a voting for a Democrat, and while the media may look down upon us as a group, I guess we only look stupid.  We realize that allowing the Democrats to win would be putting Nancy Pelosi in the #3 seat for the Presidency.  This, of course, is unacceptable.

It’s not like Conservative Christians think they’re perfect, we just “vote our values” when others may vote based on taxes or social issues, for example.  We also realize there is a certain amount of pragmatism involved in the election process.  It’s a give and take kind of thing, an imperfect system.  After all, Jesus isn’t on the ballot… :-/

Bottom line?  To preserve the values and the standard of morality that is important to us, we must prevent liberals from taking office, taking over Congress or taking the third chair.  So, no… we won’t be staying home.


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4 thoughts on “It’s Only Funny Until We Vote

  1. Gee Debi,
    I think you’ve been eavesdropping on my mutterings of late. I have been saying and thinking the exact same things. You have to wonder WHAT are they thinking? I mean some Republican Senator gets caught in a scandal and that means the rest of us desert the ship? Maybe that’s the way the other side operates – maybe they think that we think like they think – but I think in reality – they desperately are trying to ‘create’ a reality that just doesn’t exist. They want so badly to get back their power that they grab straw after pitiful straw. Weren’t all the pundits predicting a Kerry win during the last big election? Weren’t all the exit polls confirming their predictions? And yet….

    Well you know the rest.

    They don’t care what we think – because they want us to think what they think. Never going to happen. We know it and they know it too.

    Nice rant!


  2. Yeah, Annie… I heard you… :-)

    And I heard Mary Ann Akers from Roll Call on Hardball w/Chris Matthews yesterday afternoon – she just put me over the edge. She sounded so self-assured when making her assertions, and she was talking about ME! After sending an email to the show (aka: to nowhere, I’m sure)actually representing my opinion, I felt compelled to also express it here. It justs makes me feel a little better. You know what I mean…. :-)

    A little ranting never hurt anyone… :-)

    – Debi

  3. Oh yeah I know what you mean. I send emails too sometimes. These folks have done so many polls over the years that they mistake them for real people. I’ve done a lot of marketing in my business life and polls are so easy to skew – like that stupid-ass question is the country going in the right/wrong direction? It’s so general that they can make it mean anything. Hell yeah I think the country’s going in the wrong direction BUT not because Republicans are in the Whitehouse – but because this politically correct obsession is ruining people and turning them into plastic, shallow dolls.

    All that aside, these guys are briefed heavily and given talking points from the DNC – their philosophy is ‘perception is reality’ so they believe that if they say things often enough people will believe them. It makes me wonder if any of these people have 2 IQ’s to rub together – don’t they know by now that this stuff pisses us off? And a pissed off conservative is a voting conservative – not apathetic. Jeez!


  4. A,

    Don’t even get me started about the direction of the country. (Do the words “spinning down a toilet” mean anything to you?) And you’re right, it has more to do with the ACLU protecting the rights of NAMBLA and flag burners than anything the Republicans are guilty of.

    In a way, all the liberal talking heads, pollsters and media are helping the cause by annoying the heck out of conservative voters and lighting a flame under the butts of those who, perhaps, might not have otherwise gone out to vote.

    A thank you card might be in order… :-)

    ~ D

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