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Hang Out The Flag! We’ve Hit 300,000,000 Today… Or was it 5 years ago?


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, our nation’s population reached the historic milestone of 300 million today at about 7:46 a.m. (EDT).  They arrived at this calculation by estimating that the U.S. registers one birth every 7 seconds and one death every 13 seconds, while net international migration adds one person every 31 seconds.  At that rate, the total population is increased by one person every 11 seconds.  Interesting.

It was that nebulous mention of “net international migration” that I felt needed further exploration.  How exactly did they reach this number of 300 million?  Are they tallying illegal immigrants, I wondered.  So I did a little digging. 

As with all government research, they speak a language all their own – I believe, in an endeavor to confuse the average citizen, or perhaps to convince themselves they are smarter than everyone else – but vigorous re-reading netted the following: 

Beginning with a base figure of 3.3 million in 1990, they added 225,000 net annual for each year thereafter until present.  If my math is correct, that’s a total of 6.9 million.

Is that not a low estimate by most standards?  Further exploration also brought me to other websites, one of which is called: “”.  Apprehensive at first, and expecting to find an agenda ready to slap me in the face, instead, I was surprised to find their data well supported.   More surprising, was the 16.9 million people discrepancy between immigrationcounters calculations and that of the census bureau, whose data was not supported nearly as convincingly (to me, anyway).

What this all means, in light of our grand celebration of the 300 millionth “person” (note, I can’t say “citizen”) in our country today is that the whole thing is a farce.  First of all, if anyone is actually interested in celebrating such a milestone, they should have marked their calendars somewhere around January 2002, or thereabouts.  THAT would be closer to the time illegal immigrants helped to bring us to this imposing number. 

But, since we’re all decked out already, dressed for all the parties that will no doubt be taking place all around the country today, I’d like to offer an alternative way of celebrating:

  1. Beef up border security (e.g., a fence, more border patrol, etc.).
  2. Initiate a system where employers can identify prospective employees as citizens.
  3. Institute stiff penalties for employers who hire illegal immigrants and actually follow through with consequences.
  4. Consider border patrol the serious Homeland Security issue it is.
  5. Just a thought: take a page from Mexico’s immigration policy handbook.  When it comes to illegals, let’s make it as difficult for people to immigrate to the U.S. as it is to immigrate to Mexico.

400,000,000 is looming on the horizon and will be blindsiding us before you know it, I think we should stop trying to be so politically correct and deal with this as the problem it is, or when 400 million gets here, who knows what flag we’ll be hanging?


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6 thoughts on “Hang Out The Flag! We’ve Hit 300,000,000 Today… Or was it 5 years ago?

  1. That is an amazing video! It was funny yet frightening at the same time. I’m with you on this one Deb. Those numbers were puzzling me too. I just couldn’t figure out that there fuzzy math they were using.

    And btw, the government is required to use language that only a special secret decoder ring can translate – otherwise it would only take one government employee to do what they are paying 37 to do. ;)

  2. It IS scary… who knows who’s crossing that border? And did you hear about the agents who were convicted (yesterday, I think) for shooting a drug trafficker in the butt while crossing the border? They were sentenced for 10-12 years! Plus, the guy’s suing the U.S. because his rights were violated. He’s not a citizen… he doesn’t HAVE rights in our country!

    Tell the truth, Annie… you were MIA for those days because you were enjoying some extended “Population-hits-300-million” Party, weren’t you? ;-) Did they give decoder rings in the goodie bags? :-)

  3. Yes, I did hear about the border patrol agents. There is a movement to get the Prez to set aside the verdict or cancel it – or whatever presidents can do about such things.

    Yeah, illegal aliens apparently have more rights than U.S. citizens these days. Hard not feel resentment about it. I heard a comedian the other night who was saying ‘what’s with all this they are doing the jobs that Americans won’t do? Come to my neighborhood, they are all just standing around and hanging out at the 7/11 – Americans definitely will do those jobs.’ Funny but sad at the same time.

    Okay, yes – busted – I did get my secret decoder ring and the party was great – we all piled into a pick up truck and went to Home Depot. ;)

  4. I agree wholeheartedly, illegal immigration into this country is a serious problem. I hadn’t heard about the smuggler’s sore buns, and I’m wondering on exactly what charge the agents were sentenced, but in any case the idea of a lawsuit seems utterly ridiculous.

    The night before I left Oregon they were showing the gubernatorial debate on television. Ted Kulongowski is the incumbent D and he’s up against Ron Saxton, whom I believe was a senator. Saxton—and please understand, this is not to pick on Rs at all, I’m just saying—has gained a lot of political capital because he is supposedly firmly in favor of tightened controls on illegal immigration, which is a much larger issue in Oregon than even here in Alabama. Well, it turns out that Saxton used to own, among many other businesses, a fruit farm which was almost wholly staffed by illegal immigrants. All the big fruit farms out there are usually staffed by migrant workers because the farmers claim they can’t make a profit without paying bottom-of-the-barrel, under-the-table wages. And when Saxton was approached about this on the debate floor in a question from a journalist, he refused to address it in any specific way. All he could say was “I did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong. I did nothing…” and so on. I mean, it was like a tape recorder.

    I guess my point, if I even have one, is that, like yourself, I’m very much in favor of addressing this issue proactively and with a firm hand. But everyone who thinks this way also needs to be aware that we’re talking about something which is going to have major, major implications for the economy and for living standards among a significant portion of the (legal) population of the country. It goes far beyond the price of fruit. We’re going to have to do a certain amount of reverse-engineering of the economy to de-accomodate illegal aliens, and it won’t be easy. But I think it’s definitely worth it, especially since, as you said, 300 will turn to 400 and then to 500 before we know it. It’s not like we just put up a fence and then things work themselves out. Of course you realize that, but I honestly think some folks don’t. But it’s a good step, even if it is largely symbolic, and more terse controls on employment is, I think, a fantastic idea.

  5. WC-

    Glad to hear about trying to set aside the verdict – it sets an awful precedent.

    But the joke you heard about nobody wanting to do the jobs that illegals do, combined with some of Curt’s comments, got me thinking… I thiink the whole illegal immigration problem is a lot bigger than my “sit-at-home-and-spew-ideas-about-it” reaction.

    While this post was written to illustrate what a farce the whole 300 millionth person thing is when we have such a formidable immigration problem – Are there that many Americans willing to pick fruit out in the hot sun all day for menial wages? We are a spoiled nation… :-/

    …and why wasn’t *I* invited to this party….? :-)

  6. Curt –

    Welcome back to the blog-world, my friend… :-) (what? No more “tellitlikeitis”?)

    About the smuggler’s buns, from what I heard, the charges had to do with some rule where the agents are not allowed to discharge their weapons without first getting the go-ahead from a supervisor. Apparently, time did not permit the required phonecall (with the smuggler running across the border and all), and the agents did not follow protocol. Chances are, the court transcript would include a lot more facts than these, but that’s all I’ve got… :-) And a lawsuit claiming his rights were violated… man, I can’t even comment any further… :-/

    I’ve heard about the Kulongowski-Saxton race, also about how Saxton has been effective by focusing on illegal immigration during his campaign – DESPITE the fact that he’s been guilty of hiring illegals on his farm in the past. Apparently, his refusal to admit, or even talk about, the subject hasn’t hurt him terribly. Oh, it’s hypocrisy, no doubt. All I can think of is that maybe people are willing to be “forgiving” if this guy’s willing to do something about the problem now. That’s how big of a problem it is – people are hungry for someone to say something definitive on the subject instead of all this dancing around it.

    But you are right about it being a huge and multi-faceted problem. As my [liberal] best friend pointed out to me today, “what are you going to do, deport them all? Think of the logistics… it can’t be done.” At the same time, this friend happens to be a resident alien from Holland who had to jump through hoops to get and stay here. The idea of a Pathway to Citizenship for lawbreakers who cheated the system is not attractive, either.

    Beyond the fruit-picking, the yard-mowing, etc., you have a point about the economy. The problem has infiltrated many sectors that will feel a void – WE will feel a void. It remains to be seen how many Americans will fill jobs now held by illegal immigrants and if the payscale will accommodate those working citizens. But if so, could the effect on the economy ultimately be a good thing?

    Whatever the case, whatever the combined solutions, I think we all agree the hemorrhaging should try to be stopped now. (at least the 3 of us do :-)

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