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In Heinz-sight, Perhaps He Shouldn’t Try to Tell “Jokes”

…Or Speak at All!

“You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.”


A “botched joke”?  Uh, yeah… If that’s the story Kerry wants to go with, then I’d say his so-called joke was botched indeed.  That’s putting it mildly.  Have you ever told a joke and botched it up, you know – among friends – and maybe it offended someone?  What is the natural first response?  What is the response of any human being capable of feeling compassion or consideration for others?  “Gee, I’m sorry.”  It’s so stinkin’ simple. 

Now imagine the same situation… but this time, when someone you profess to care about is visibly insulted, instead you chastise your friend, yelling, “I WILL APOLOGIZE TO NO ONE!”  No, you wouldn’t do that… no sane or rational person would do that.  Ok, Johnny… go with these nice men with the pretty white jackets, they want to hear some of your jokes, too.


I jest, but it’s not funny.  John Kerry is not funny.  He may be generous, giving the Republicans a gift that will keep on giving until Election Day (and into ’08), but he most certainly is not funny.  Ask anyone serving in the Military, any Veteran, any parent, child or spouse of someone in Iraq.  Go ahead, ask around.  And see what John Kerry thinks of all of this now… if you can find him.  My guess is that he wishes he could go back and just say “Gee, I’m sorry,”  or that he would have spent Monday windsurfing in California instead of campaigning for Angelides.  (Like Angelides needed this kind of help.) 

Read some of the 100+ comments from Veterans, Military families and VA hospital patients in response to a post by a Veteran who eloquently lists the facts about our well-educated Military in response to Kerry’s remarks.  They are full of emotion and patriotism, as well as an overwhelming expression of having been greatly insulted by the Senator’s statements.  I felt this post and its comments helped to put the whole incident into perspective… just as John Kerry helped to put a face on the Democratic Party.


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8 thoughts on “In Heinz-sight, Perhaps He Shouldn’t Try to Tell “Jokes”

  1. LOL Deb,
    I guess great minds think alike. I just did a sarcastic post about this myself. Nothing nearly as eloquent as you.

    The man is a elitist pig, simply put. I’m surprised he hasn’t yet broken a leg tripping over his big mouth.

    The terrible irony is that the military (and those who truly support them) protect morons like this so they can make idiots and social pariahs of themselves without fear of being disappeared in the middle of the night.

    Please, good people of Massachuettes, I implore you to send this man packing at the very next opportunity you have.


  2. Great minds, indeed!
    I love sarcasm :-) Your post hit the spot… I enjoyed reading your “letter” and was looking to add my name (you may have noticed :-).

    What’s the deal in MA? They’ve got an awful bunch of elected officials representing them… it’s a shameful reflection on that state.

    ~ D

  3. I dunno what’s up in MA – I have a couple of friends there and from what they tell me – the Kerry’s and Kennedy’s are so entrenched and have so much money – no one else has a chance. I guess they scare or destroy other candidates?

    I have a similar problem in California – Boxer and Feinstein are the nightmare that just keeps giving. They just keep getting re-elected and honestly, I haven’t a clue why. They do better with their public speaking but I think it’s a similar situation – more money than God and no one can go up against them. Although I’m holding out hope for Feinstein’s competitor this year. Pray for us my friend. ;)

  4. I was just having a conversation with someone last night about all that money and how it isn’t fair. My friend asked, “Is anyone even running against Hillary?” Yeah, someone is, but compared to her financially, he doesn’t stand a chance. No one is even HEARING his message. And the bottom line becomes, if anyone wants to run for office, they have to have money… and lots of it.

    How fair is that? How ‘representative’ is that? Soon, we will all be represented by wealthy elitists… :-/

    Yet, I continue to pray for us all… :-)


  5. At the end of the day, John Kerry is no Stephen Colbert. So maybe he should just leave the comedy to the experts…

  6. You’ve got that right, Mark! :-)
    But you know what they say… “Everything said in jest is half true”.


    P.S. I was unable to get your page to load completely :-(

  7. Cool site. Thank you!!!

  8. Cool site. Thank you!

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