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Chicago – Not MY Kind of Town

The Mayor’s Office of Special Events Nixes “The Nativity Story” Movie Display at Chicago’s Annual Christmas Celebration for Fear of offending non-Christians.

Yes, read it again… that’s what it says.  It brings absurdity to an entirely new level and provides an even more ridiculous category for political correctness. And the name of this annual Christmas celebration?  It’s the German Christkindlmarket – yet the movie chronicling the birth of Christ is not welcome. 

Somehow, though, the grand Nativity display that has been a part of the Celebration since its inception is perfectly o.k. and not considered “insensitive to the many people of different faiths who come to enjoy the market for its food and unique gifts,” in the words of Jim Law of the Mayor’s Office of Special Events.  By the way, among the “unique gifts” is a vendor advertised as follows on the official Christkindlmarket website:

Bethlehem Nativity Products – From the Holy Land –
Nativity scenes, praying hands & religious symbols

Christkindlmarket Nativity

According to Natalie Martinez of NBC5 in Chicago, the movie was listed on the city Web site as a sponsor of the city’s largest Christmas celebration at Daley Plaza until recently.  Even though the city claims they “never threatened to withdraw their support” of New Line Cinema’s movie, a statement by New Line expresses their frustration: “We don’t understand why our sponsorship would be rejected for religious reasons, particularly considering the fact that our film details the story that inspired the holiday season that Christkindlmarket was created to celebrate.”

Only after this story drew national attention did the City of Chicago amend their stance to include any mention of advertising standards.  Apparently, the City’s problem with New Line Cinema is now under the heading of “aggressive marketing tactics”.  Interesting.  What heading, pray tell, would this fall under:

2Travel Show

*I* found it advertised on the official Christkindlmarket website under 2006 Program Highlights… right after “Grand Opening”. 

I’m sorry, but I’m getting mixed messages here, people.  If the underwriters of the Christmas festival participate in blatant commercialism, it’s o.k., but if a company produces a movie about the birth of Christ, they can’t pay to display the trailer for that movie?

As long as I understand… :-/

How about everyone just gets used to the idea that Christmas actually IS Christ’s birthday?  It IS a Federal Holiday… we all have a day off to honor Christ’s birth and for no other reason. Why not stop the bickering, political hair-splitting, ACLU-ing and try to find out what the day actually means?


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9 thoughts on “Chicago – Not MY Kind of Town

  1. My goodness. It seems like it gets worse every year. I’m surprised they still play “The Peanuts’ Christmas” on TV anymore, but I’m so glad they do; it’s my favorite Christmas movie.

    Merry early Christmasi! :D


  2. As long as poltical correctness is part of our national lexicon we are stuck with this sort of crap. I hate this stuff, it makes me angry and depressed.

    This attitude that the many must bow down to the few and the few are only there to stir up crap.

    OOOOH! I’m fuming.

  3. Unfortunately, I think you’re right, Kelsey – Every year it gets worse. It’s so sad. I bet it’s only a matter of time before they find something wrong with Charlie Brown and yank him off TV… :-/

    My favorite Christmas movie – and movie of all-time – is “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Such a good reminder for me to stop feeling sorry for myself (which I have a tendency to do at times :-).

    Enjoy the Christmas Season!


  4. WC-

    It’s when I start fuming that I start writing – and this one just really got under my skin. “Let’s have a Christmas Festival but try to elimate certain key aspects of Christmas, shall we?” So stinkin’ ridiculous, but the suits walk around issuing statements to defend themselves as if it all makes sense. What is the world coming to??

    Let’s try not to let their ignorance and our fuming interfere with our own Christmas Season… it’s not worth it…


  5. Naw, those walking fake smiles don’t ruin my Christmas. If they would actually start acting like human beings instead of political correctness machines we’d all be better off – but that would REALLY be a Christmas miracle, huh? LOL

  6. It is really incongruous. It makes me angry, too.

    It’s important to realize that ‘political correctness’ as exemplified by Law’s statement is very likely only a skin-deep explanation. In other words, it implies that the mayor’s office is acting out of a sort of dogma of political correctness when in fact the decision to preclude New Line’s sponsorship was probably based on something very specific rather than a general policy. A someone or a group of someones, in other words, probably got a kick out of this.

    Pretty silly, and infuriating. Defusing…1…2…3…ahhh….there.

  7. If you’re right, Curt, it’s a shame that whomever is ‘getting a kick out of this’ attempts to do so at the expense of something so important. As with many ridiculous PC situations, whatever silly statement is trying to be made is done, and then lost, but the grander statement – in this case “Christmas” – cannot be silenced.

    Sadly, we must add a new dimension to our season because of these people: Joy, Peace, Goodwill… and frustration.

    Merry Christmas, Curt… ;-)

  8. Hi Deb, I’m back from the sunny place, and I agree with you completely. What would actually be politically correct is for our politicians to actually do their jobs, fixing the problems that need fixing, rather than fixing things, which were working just fine. Whenever I see something like this, I wonder which government official is not doing his or her job, which is to solve our real problems.

    Best regards, Skip

  9. Welcome home, Skip :-)

    What a novel idea! But then, doing the correct thing – political or otherwise – would exclude most from politics, now wouldn’t it?

    Merry Christmas,


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