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A Little About Me

Who cares about my “Commentary”?  I do, so I write it.  You might, so you read it.  If you really do, you may even comment.

Though originally intended to be “a Political Commentary”, I have since decided I may like to stray occasionally, and changed it.  Yet, my instincts drive me to write when my passions are ignited by something… when I feel outraged… when I feel I can’t be silent.  Politics seems to do this most often.

Think about it: How many times have we been told that Quinnipiac or Gallup has determined a certain opinion for the entire country, yet that opinion in no way reflects ours?   The words, “no one ever asked me” can be heard in my head every time I hear poll results – and, for that matter, “no one ever asked anyone *I* know.”

Well, no one has to ask me.  I have a blog now… :-) 

I’m Debi, writing under NomDebPlume.  I am dangerously close to middle-age and have lots of opinions.  I live in Pennsylvania, in what tourists refer to as “Amish Country”, but – as one born and raised in Brooklyn, NY – in no way resemble the Amish… :-/  I have 4 children who range in age from 8 to 25, which I think certifies me as a lunatic, but please don’t disregard my opinions as a result. ;-)

We might as well get THIS out of the way right off the top: I’m a Republican (No, say it isn’t so!), though I don’t like being pigeonholed with labels.  I like to think of myself as a [somewhat] open-minded Republican.  Yes, I subscribe to traditional values, as a Christian woman, I must… but I also hate guns.  With the Party being touted as geared toward the rich, I truly don’t fit in on that count.  It’s a ‘pick-and-choose’ kind of world.  You’ve got to be able to sleep at night and look at yourself in the mirror in the morning.  And since I ain’t no Hollywood starlet, being a Republican helps to accomplish that for me.

Never stop asking questions… seeking knowledge… or seeking The Truth,



11 thoughts on “A Little About Me

  1. Hi, Debi … you stopped by and commented about my “Real Faith” posting on my new blog, so I thought I’d swing by and leave you a comment, as well. Haven’t read enough here to know exactly where you stand on political issues … but you sound a lot like me at first glance. A liberal Republican … a conservative Democrat? Or what? Who knows. LOL By the way, I’m a “Debi” too. :-)

  2. Hi, Debi… thanks for stopping by :-)

    I think if you come back and read a little bit more, my politics will become quite evident. Hope that doesn’t keep you from coming back!

    Again, I really enjoyed your post… hope you get the time to keep writing, I plan to keep reading… :-)

    ~ Debi
    BTW, do you spell your name the same?

  3. Yes, I spell my first name the same way you do… one B and an I. When I first saw your comment on my site, it made me do a double take. “What’s this?! Did I accidently send a comment to myself somehow?” LOL ;-)

    ~Debi (the other one)

  4. Mr. Gary looks as if he’s ready to deliver his doctoral dissertation at any moment. Awesome picture.

  5. Why, thank you, Mr. Curtis… soon we will have to refer to him as Professor Gary… :-)

  6. just popping by because i read a comment of yours on another blog … re chronic pain … my husband has had 2 back surgeries that created chronic pain … for 22 years now … but we soldier on ’cause we know that this ole world isn’t all there is …

    we look for a new day … and a new citizenship …

    blessings to you …

  7. Thanks for “popping by”, Saija… glad you did :-) I visited your site and was impressed with all your beautiful photography. Combined with the accompanying scripture, it was very encouraging and uplifting.

    You’re right: “This world is not my home… I’m just passing through…”

    Keep up that wonderful spirit,


    P.S. What a beautiful name you have! :-)

  8. Christian, Republican, Amish-Brooklynite, Middle-Aged ( since you mentioned it, you are!) single mother of 4 from 5 to 22, certifies you as a lunatic in my book…but then my book is very thick.
    Just in case you wondered, I’m in my book too. Please keep writing. God bless, Colin

  9. Hey, Colin…

    You can refer to me as a lunatic any day – coming from you, I take it as compliment :-) I so admire your perspective on life and your writings. As one with Fibromyalgia and Crohn’s Disease, I find it uplifting to visit your site. Please keep writing, as well!


  10. Hi Debi,

    I’m a long time reader – first time poster of your blog. I know this is going to come out of the blue, but I’d like to get your opinion on recreational drug abuse.

    David B.

  11. Hi, David –

    I can’t imagine why you would want MY opinion of recreational drug abuse/use, but here goes: I don’t believe abuses of any kind are healthy or beneficial. (I finally quit smoking 13 1/2 months ago) Whenever something has power over you, it can’t be a good thing.

    As for recreational drug “use”, I guess it depends on the drug. If we’re talking about drinking or smoking (e.g., a cigar or pipe), I think that’s ok for those who don’t over-indulge or are susceptible to addiction. (Those who don’t abuse)

    Traditional drugs, even pot/marijuana, I say a definitive NO on any level. Maybe it’s because I have teenage children, maybe it’s because I’ve seen what it does to people and what it can lead to, or maybe I just don’t think there is any redeeming quality whatsoever. Well, you did ask my opinion, and even though I don’t know why, there it is in black and white.

    Thanks for the question, David, and for the chance to think about something important and offer my opinion today.

    Be well,


    P.S. Question for you: You are a “long time reader” of blogs in general, or MY blog? I haven’t written anything for so long, your comment confused me.

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