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Nice Guys Finish Last


It has been reported that John McCain considered certain aspects of Obama’s life and behavior to be “off-limits” during the campaign, even though they would make Obama look bad – and, conversely, make McCain look good.  Everyone has heard that McCain had passed a “No Jeremiah Wright” edict, considering this absurd long-term association of Obama and his family with this hate-preaching ‘pastor’ something he didn’t want to help illuminate for the American people.  I’m guessing it was because it had to do with church, but… Come on!

In addition, some of the other firm boundaries set by Mr. McCain were:

  • No Michelle Obama attacks
  • No attacking Obama for his lack of service in the Military
  • No using children to depict Obama being soft on crime
  • And absolutely no ad of a black man busting a move with a lesbian!


    The idea is that this last one would be too provocative, but it’s more likely that it would have led to liberals belly-aching and whining about how McCain and conservatives are intolerant racists and bigots (see “The View” for an example of said belly-aching and whining).  So, perhaps it was a shrewd mood in such a malicious and hyper-critical environment.

Obviously, I agree with leaving Mrs. Obama alone, just as the Obama campaign should have left Mrs. McCain alone. But we are talking about two totally different standards here; which man was it who put out an ad that accused the other of being so old and out of touch that he can’t even use the internet? But in reality, it is a war injury that keeps Senator McCain from using his arms comfortably enough to utilize the internet regularly. Yes, two different standards, indeed… or perhaps it’s a lack of standards at times.

By the way, what do you suppose Ellen thinks of the vocal and violent opponents of Prop 8 who are defacing churches, harassing church-goers, hurting dissenting grandmothers, stomping on crosses, intimidating those who voted against them by threatening their jobs (or eliminating them) and wreaking havoc as they take to the streets in an effort to get California’s Supreme Court to reverse this entirely fair VOTE of the people (that they agreed to abide by beforehand)? 

Woman in yellow is grandmother being harrassed - after having her cross trampled.

We know she donated money in an effort to defeat the proposition, has she – or any of the other highly visible/celebrity opponents – denounced this horrendous behavior or the religious persecution taking place in our very own country? 
All I’ve seen is the likes of Drew Barrymore fighting back a flood of tears as she yelled her support into a bullhorn for a battle that is not hers. 


Actors just love being the center of attention…

But I digress…  Or perhaps not.  Why must “nice guys finish last”?  And will they again in this whole Prop 8 debacle?  Will the tantrums of a raucous, disorderly and disobedient ultra-minority force activist judges to undo the will of the people as demonstrated by an election?
Is this how we want to herald the history of Mr. Obama’s arrival?

September 11th… 6 years later


World Trade Center 

Today I think of how quickly everyone forgets the unity and singularity of purpose once known as the years increase between September 11th 2001 and the present.  My sense is that we could not be more divided than we are right now and our enemies probably enjoy the satisfaction of knowing they have not only hurt us physically, but emotionally and politically as well.  I wonder if they knew how quickly we would all turn on one another; I, for one, am appalled at such a realization.

But life goes on for all of us in all our cocoons.  I am keenly aware that Americans are an impatient sort.  Not entirely our fault, I’ll concede, but not always a beneficial quality to possess.  While our desire to see things accomplished “yesterday” has contributed to our success as a Superpower, individually, we want what we want NOW… or sooner.  And when it comes to war, we Americans have precious little tolerance for the unavoidable accompanying discomfort.  Of course, as Americans, we also want THE best, 100% infallible plan that can be carried out neatly and quickly with little to no casualties. 

Sadly, this is not a reality we can know and we all scurry for someone to blame.  Blame makes us feel a little better and gives us a focus so moving forward is bearable.  But what we all really want is for none of this dreaded ugliness to ever have touched our lives in the first place, for our fragile version of innocence to have been left in tact, for those terrorists to have been stopped before they boarded the planes on that fateful day six years ago.  We want what we can’t have, and, heck, we’re Americans… we usually figure out a way to get it!  So instead of acknowledging a pain that cannot be quelled, we collectively grumble, complain, name-call, and viscously blame easy targets.

And today I think: How many years before we figure out that our country’s dissension feeds our enemy while starving our ability to heal and triumph?

Chicago – Not MY Kind of Town

The Mayor’s Office of Special Events Nixes “The Nativity Story” Movie Display at Chicago’s Annual Christmas Celebration for Fear of offending non-Christians.

Yes, read it again… that’s what it says.  It brings absurdity to an entirely new level and provides an even more ridiculous category for political correctness. And the name of this annual Christmas celebration?  It’s the German Christkindlmarket – yet the movie chronicling the birth of Christ is not welcome. 

Somehow, though, the grand Nativity display that has been a part of the Celebration since its inception is perfectly o.k. and not considered “insensitive to the many people of different faiths who come to enjoy the market for its food and unique gifts,” in the words of Jim Law of the Mayor’s Office of Special Events.  By the way, among the “unique gifts” is a vendor advertised as follows on the official Christkindlmarket website:

Bethlehem Nativity Products – From the Holy Land –
Nativity scenes, praying hands & religious symbols

Christkindlmarket Nativity

According to Natalie Martinez of NBC5 in Chicago, the movie was listed on the city Web site as a sponsor of the city’s largest Christmas celebration at Daley Plaza until recently.  Even though the city claims they “never threatened to withdraw their support” of New Line Cinema’s movie, a statement by New Line expresses their frustration: “We don’t understand why our sponsorship would be rejected for religious reasons, particularly considering the fact that our film details the story that inspired the holiday season that Christkindlmarket was created to celebrate.”

Only after this story drew national attention did the City of Chicago amend their stance to include any mention of advertising standards.  Apparently, the City’s problem with New Line Cinema is now under the heading of “aggressive marketing tactics”.  Interesting.  What heading, pray tell, would this fall under:

2Travel Show

*I* found it advertised on the official Christkindlmarket website under 2006 Program Highlights… right after “Grand Opening”. 

I’m sorry, but I’m getting mixed messages here, people.  If the underwriters of the Christmas festival participate in blatant commercialism, it’s o.k., but if a company produces a movie about the birth of Christ, they can’t pay to display the trailer for that movie?

As long as I understand… :-/

How about everyone just gets used to the idea that Christmas actually IS Christ’s birthday?  It IS a Federal Holiday… we all have a day off to honor Christ’s birth and for no other reason. Why not stop the bickering, political hair-splitting, ACLU-ing and try to find out what the day actually means?

“I Love It When a Plan Comes Together”


You may remember a TV show from the 80’s called The A-Team – the show that pretty much made “Mr.T” a household name.  At some point during the show, when the team was in the process of successfully completing their dangerous mission, many times the Hannibal character (played by George Peppard) would say, “I love it when a plan comes together,” with a cigar hanging out of his mouth and a wry grin.

Somehow, those words… that voice… and that grin are exactly what played in my head this morning after learning the results of yesterday’s election – sans the cigar, of course, since it’s 2006 and we’re talking about Democrats with their worship of all things politically correct.  But kudos to Rahm Emanuel for a well-planned strategy to deliver Congress to the Dems, and to his pal, Chuck Schumer, who worked to deliver the Senate.  They both knew their only chance at victory would be to choose candidates who resembled Republicans, the so-called “Blue-dog Democrats”.  In so doing, the “choice for change” was that much easier for disgruntled Americans impatient with the war. 

The choice was basically: “same” or “different” and, at least in my opinion, many people just want something – anything – different than war.  It matters not that the Democrats have yet to articulate a plan for Iraq, we have been promised that it will be different… and, apparently, for the slimmest of majorities, that was enough.  Hardly a mandate, by anyone’s standards. 

For me, I look forward to watching the Democrats try to accomplish all they have promised, AND within the timeframe they have promised to do it.  The onus of performance is on them from now on and they will be under a microscope.  No longer do they have the luxury of whining, complaining, pointing fingers, calling names and claiming they can do things better… it’s game time, boys and girls.

Nancy Pelosi has been quoted as expressing her desire to “drain the swamp” once she becomes Speaker after more than a decade of a Republican controlled Congress, with a hefty list of goals for her party to accomplish in their first hundred hours. According to an AP interview published in, this is how she has broken it down:

  • Day One: Put new rules in place to “break the link between lobbyists and legislation.”
  • Day Two: Enact all the recommendations made by the commission that investigated the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.
  • Time remaining until 100 hours:
    – Raise the minimum wage to $7.25 an hour, maybe in one step.
    – Cut the interest rate on student loans in half.
    – Allow the government to negotiate directly with the pharmaceutical companies for lower drug prices for Medicare patients.
    – Broaden the types of stem cell research allowed with federal funds, “I hope with a veto-proof majority.”

I will wait with bated breath. 

In the meantime, chances are, “Ms. P” may become as much of a household name as Mr. T.  My guess is that the many people who did not really know who Nancy Pelosi was prior to voting, who allowed their emotions to dictate their decision, those who “voted for change” will be quite surprised at just what type of change they ended up getting.

Gay and Lesbian History Month Acknowledged in Philadelphia Schools

Why do we even have a Gay and Lesbian History Month?  It never ceases to amaze me how groups who claim to want equality constantly behave in such a way to separate themselves from the rest.  Is theirs a history that is different from that of the heterosexual community and in need of being recognized as such?  “Look what a Lesbian can do!”  Ok, ok… you can host talk shows and tell jokes and write books and become doctors and lawyers… JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.  What’s your point?  Why must we give you a month to exploit that?  Personally, I don’t care if the person who invented penicillin was heterosexual or homosexual … I’m just glad it’s available when I need it.

And beyond taking advantage of and annoying the majority of the adult population by constantly overcompensating for your insecurities in this way, why involve the children?  No, I think I know the answer to that.  If you get the next generation at a young and tender age, under the guise of PC words like “tolerance” and “diversity”, you have paved the way for YOUR next generation’s agenda to sail more smoothly.  It’s an insidious plan that just slithers in barely detected by most and embraced by many, since how can anyone proclaim to be intolerant or against diversity? 

Tolerance and diversity are a two-way street.  There should be room for a lot more than select acceptable groups du jour honored by months and events to celebrate their history.  By being so selective, those left out are now the groups feeling the disdain of intolerance.  It is, in fact, reverse discrimination, helping to promote the prejudice that opposes the goals of groups like Philadelphia’s Lesbian and Gay Task Force or the Philadelphia based Equality Forum, who support the City’s decision to honor their month-long self-appreciation on their school calendar.   In honor of Gay History Month, The Equality Forum has launched a project self-described this way: “The group has designed the project as a curriculum that can be used by teachers at any education level, as well as an awareness and visibility campaign.”   (Curriculum??)

As a mother who receives school calendars each year, I can hardly describe the shock I would feel if I were to receive such a calendar.  I suppose I would flip past October and see if any of the other months were being used to acknowledge “Heterosexual History Month”… but what sense would that make?  Why would young elementary school students care, or need to know, about the sexual preferences of their history makers??  When did this become an imperative?  Is there a “Polygamist History Month”?  An “I-cheated-on-my-wife History Month”?  An “I-need-to-watch-smut-videos-before-sex History Month”?  Of course not, it’s ridiculous!  And so is acknowledging the sexual identity of those history makers who are “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender”.  For those (like me) who aren’t sure what is meant by “Transgender”, according to
“appearing or attempting to be a member of the opposite sex, as a transsexual or habitual cross-dresser”.

To add to the madness, the children who attend Philadelphia schools are also supposed to “understand” why there are boys or men who habitually dress as girls/women?  Is this so children can better understand the annual Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco, or is there an overabundance of cross-dressers in Philadelphia?  It boggles the mind that there are tax dollars being spent on this when city schools could be spending those funds on something more useful. 

This is according to Philadelphia Board of Education Policy 102, drafted in 1994, titled: “Multiracial-Multicultural-Gender Education”.

The definition of this policy is as follows:
“Multiracial-Multicultural-Gender Education is an education process designed to foster knowledge about and respect for those of all races, ethnic groups, social classes, genders, religions, disabilities and sexual orientations.  Its purpose is to ensure equity and justice for all members of the school community, and society as a whole, and to give those members the skills and knowledge they need to understand and overcome individual biases and institutional barriers to full equity.”

Toward that end, outlined are several ways to implement the goals of the policy, which include:

4.1 Make an institutional commitment to teach to all children in every school, a curriculum informed by the principles of gender-equity, multi-racial and multi-cultural knowledge and perspectives, included but not limited to the history and experiences of women, racial, ethnic, and religious minorities, as well as lesbian and gay people and disabled people. 

4.2 Seek equitable allotments for this activity from the District’s resources for the ongoing development of appropriate curriculum, instruction and assessment, as well as the ongoing evaluation of administrative policies, procedures and performance standards.

The logical next question is this: Why has the Philadelphia School District deemed it wise and beneficial for its students, “all children in every school”, to be made aware of Lesbian and Gay History Month, yet if someone were to attempt to try to make the students aware of the history of the life of Christ, for example, the ACLU would be all over it, claiming some backwards, twisted version of The Constitution and how the Establishment Clause is being broken?  Is this not in keeping with the definition to “foster knowledge and respect for all religions”?  It would seem their Policy – as written, breaks the law – as interpreted.

A spokeswoman for the District, Cecilia Cummings, stated that recognizing Gay History Month on the District Calendar is no different from recognizing months devoted to the history or heritage of African-Americans, Hispanics and Asians, though I believe there are a great many who would disagree with her.

The gay/lesbian community represents about 6% of the population, yet they are extremely vocal and well organized.  Until the silent majority stands up and makes some noise, these injustices will continue to take place and assault our children.  These “policies” will continue to be written by bullied administrators behind closed doors with far-reaching repercussions.  Today, Philadelphia (and who knows where else?)… tomorrow, your hometown? 

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